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Louis Vuitton LS0329 Monogram Alex Israel Fragrance Case Travel Case Monogram Canvas Unisex



Product information

Item Number 154811-19623-19
brand Louis Vuitton
type Fragrance case
model Alex Israel
line Monogram
shape Travel Case (100 ml) Present
Model number LS0329
subject unisex
Color Brown × Blue
material Monogram canvas
Serial number PL1149
size W6.2 cm x H13 cm
specification Opening and closing ceremony: pull lock
accessories none
Description of item Louis Vuitton, a unique Savo Fare (Takumi's technique) and custom design, making a case where you can carry important things safely. "Travel Case (100 ml)" can store fragrance bottles, and buckles protect your fragrance firmly.

Product state

Rank Like new S rank
smell perfume
State comment There may be fine damage from the exhibition and long-term storage. It is a beautiful condition similar to new.

japanese cuiture