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Louis Vuitton M6802V Damee Santuret Care Buckle Belt Damie Campbus Women



Product information

Item Number 154558-19661-3
brand Louis Vuitton
type buckle
model Santoule Care
line Damier
shape Belt fashion accessories clothing accessories Lv
Model number M6802V
subject Women
Call Evene
Color Brown
material Damie canvas
Serial number CT0045
size Total length: 107.5 cm
Belt width: 3 cm
West: 91.5 cm to 101.5 cm
Number of holes: 5
Hole spacing: 2.5 cm
Notation Size: 95/38
accessories none
Description of item Louis Vuitton [Louis Vuitton] Damee Design Belt, "Santur Care". As a fashion accent, we will upgrade the coordinate product.

Product state

Rank Used AB rank
shape Ceased
Corner or edge Dirty, rubbing
Inside Small scratch
Bracket Scratch

japanese cuiture