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The logo item of the high brands.What logo item you wanna get?

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The logo item of the high brands. What logo item you wanna get?

In 2018, the 90 ’s fashion trend such as the waist pouch or high tech sneakers is back! Especially, the “logo print” of high-end designer brands has been a huge comeback!
From clothes to bags or small items, the product with a brand designer logo is very popular.While the logo items are gaining a lot of attention, many famous designers have renewed their brand logo. 2017 receiving extra spotlight and attention.

Items with Balenciaga ’s new logo are very popular♪  There are still many items in stock such as the triple S sneakers or bags at Brand-shop Reference.

BALENCIAGA 516440 Triple S Trainer 2018ss Triple S shoes Youth Processing Men ’s Shoes Shoes Men ’s Shoes

BALENCIAGA 518873 Shoulder Bag Small Graffiti logo 2 WAY Leather Women ’s Hand Bag

There are many more logo items from various designer brands from pre-owned to brand new at our shop, Brand-shop Reference♪  The logo trend is still running in the fashion trend this year too! Be sure to get yourself an item too!

Our site “Brand-shop Reference” is available in multi-languages.We accept transaction payments via Paypal, Bank transfer, Crypto-currency etc ,.
Please also visit our storefront at Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture in Japan.
We look forward to your visit!

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