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 ★Reward yourself by promoting Brand-shop Reference through the Affiliate Program!



We are looking for active AIDS Husband Make some pocket money just by excuse our items online.
Our company's bonded program will reward assistance with a promotion terms for success transactions.

All you need to do is sign up to our customers program and close our items while also include a link via blogs, vlogs, Facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat, etc.
Personalized referral link will be sent to your customers.



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* it is necessary that all affiliate has an active PayPal account.

Whether you are interested in a different currency or not.

We do not hold any responsibility for any and all additional fees of may occur when / after received your percentages.

If you are a member of your own account, you will not be aware that you will not be able to do this.

Steps to signaling up to our affiliate program and recipients


Step 1: first of all please signup and login to our program.

Click here to sign up to our clients program

The above link will lead you to a page as Signing Please feel free to contact us.


Step 2: after signing up to our program you will first receive a mail A follow You can use your knowledge of your activation account with your personal tracking link and a referral link.

Step 3: log in to your learning page using the username and password you have agreed to signing up for the program.
Go To to The settings page on the most right and your You Payment.

Step 4: to use your items to friends and followers using the link provided in the message sent to you A introductory Commission percentages.

Click here to sign up to our clients program