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★Reward yourself by promoting Brand-shop Reference through the Affiliate Program!

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★Reward yourself by promoting Brand-shop Reference through the Affiliate Program!


We are currently looking for active Affiliates whom are looking to make some pocket money just by promoting our items online.
Our company ’s affiliate program will reward Affiliates with a promotion commission for successful transactions.

All you need to do is sign up to our affiliate program and promote our items while also including a link via blogs, vlogs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.
A personalized referral link will be sent to all affiliate members.When a customer enters our store through the provided link and completes a successful transaction you will receive a commission percentage according to the price amount the customer has purchased.

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* The commission percentage is currently 3% but may fluctuate.

* It is necessary that all Affiliates have an active Paypal Account.

* Affiliate commission will be sent in USD via Paypal.If a different currency is preferred we would need to ask that you change currency after receiving payment in your Paypal account.

* We do not hold any responsibility for any and all additional fees which may occur when / after receiving your percentage.

* Any Affiliate which we receive reports of misusing the affiliate program and we deem fraudulent will be refused their commission and have their services cancelled.

Steps to Signing up to our Affiliate Program and receiving your Referral Link Code


Step 1: First of all please signup and login to our program.

Click here to sign up to our affiliate program

The above link will lead you to a page as also shown above to where you would need to proceed to signing up.If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.


Step 2: After signing up to our program you will first receive a mail notifying you of your affiliate activation with a following mail letting you know of your activated account with your personal tracking link and a referral link.

Step 3: Log in to your affiliate page using the username and password you have chosen when signing up for the program.
Go to to the settings page on the very right and enter your Paypal address for when we would need to send you payment.

Step 4: Promote our items to friends and followers using the link provided in the message sent to you.When a customer enters our store through your promoted link and completes a purchase you will be entitled to a introductory commission percentage.

Click here to sign up to our affiliate program