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Louis vuitton japan limited

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Louis Vuitton Japan Limited

I'd like to introduce Japan limited item by Louis Vuitton.

It's Louis Vuitton and Kansai Yamamoto collaboration Kabuki-Themed wallets.

Louis Vuitton launched the collaboration items for the Cruise 2018 Collection in Miho Museum, Shiga, Japan.Kansai Yamamoto is a Japanese fashion designer.His design is outstanding and powerful, giving a strong impact to anyone who sees it.

The "Kabuki" and "Daruma" are part of the Japanese traditional culture. Especially the Kabuki, it is very popular and fascinates many people.

Get a hold of a limited Louis Vuitton iconic Monogram item with an impression of Japan!


We have variety of wallets by Louis Vuitton × Kansai Yamamoto.  See more information is here

As a gift for people who are fascinated with Japanese culture♪

Please enjoy shopping at our store and be the only one among your friends to have a unique Louis Vuitton item including Japanese traditional culture, Kabuki !!!!

Thank you :)