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HERMES Leather and Cashmere Scarf Black

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HERMES Leather and Cashmere Scarf Black


As winter draws near, wearing a coat can still cause a chill.Here's the the item I always buy when it gets colder. Just adding a scarf to your daily wear will keep you warmer :)

Our shop also has other items for cold weather.I'd like to introduce one of those items today!

 HERMES Leather and Cashmere Scarf ★

Although production mentions this scarf has been put in the men's line, this is a simple black design with unisex being the fashion trend in 2018, it will blend with any fashion and gender!


This material is Leather and 100% Cashmere, it will coordinate with any daily and formal wear!


Fashion and warmth can go hand in hand with this item!

Thank you for reading x)