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HERMES Beautiful Scarf; Cache-cache Fleuri

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HERMES Beautiful Scarf; Cache-cache Fleuri


Today we introduce Hermes Scarf of 2018 A / W Collection☆

HERMES Carre 90 Cache-cache Fleuri 2019 Fall Winter Collection 100% Silk Women's Scarf


Carre 90 is the popular item in Hermes.Every scarf is handmade by craftsmen. Therefore the scarf is very valuable.

Some people put the scarf in a frame and decorate it as an art.

The design of this scarf is very flamboyant and beautiful! Bunch of flowers are drawn.

There is more than one way to use the HERMES scarf.As a hair accessory, wind to the bag, or around your neck ♪ 

And! This scarf is brand new which is unused ☆  In addition, it comes with a box ♪  It's perfect for the gift too x)

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