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GUCCI Sherry Line Belt Bag Waist Pouch

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GUCCI Sherry Line Belt Bag Waist Pouch



Fashion repeats itself.So today, We'd like to introduce an item that was trend before and has been trending again.

It is a belt bag / Waist pouch!

The spring runways, many brands came back with the belt bags. Especially Gucci had been attracted by a lot of fashionistas.

Today's item is GUCCI belt bag with the brand's iconic design sherry line!

Most people have at least one this design's item, and it is blended with any fashion and gender.

Like the mentioned in this blog, currently, the trend is "comfortable and functional" .This bag has three pockets, and you can wear it some ways.

The color of the strap also represents Gucci color x)

This bag would go with any situation! See more information have more Gucci items! Please check!

Thank you for reading. Have a nice weekend!