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CHRISTIAN DIOR Lady Dior Hand Bag for your Daily Outfit!

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Hello! It's May already. In Japan, a new era began from May 1. The era in Japan correlates with the reign of each emperor. The new era name is "Reiwa"!

In May, the weather getting warmer and it's a comfortable climate :) So we introduce an item, which is perfect for this season and summer!

Dior Hand Bag Shoulder Bag Lady-Christian Dior Cannage Lambskin Leather Women's 2 Way bag


Bright yellow is an eye-catching color. It will make you want to go to a picnic with this bag, won't you?

Lambskin leather is used as the material for the bag which has a good texture.


A shoulder strap comes with the bag. The item be used as both a Hand Bag and Shoulder Bag. In addition, it is in very good condition<3

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Have a good day everyone!