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Cherry-Blossom Season is Coming!

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Cherry-Blossom Season is Coming!

Hello! Spring is almost coming!

In Japan, it's Cherry-Blossom season from now. People go to the cherry-blossom viewing. It's called "Hanami". The Hanami is a Japanese tradition of welcoming Spring. It is like a picnic to enjoy the cherry blossoms, so people get together under the cherry blossoms and enjoy food and drinks.

Enjoying cherry blossoms is an old Japanese custom. 

So today we introduce an item that perfect for the Hanami!

AUTHENTIC LOUIS VUITTON Monogram Watercolor Papillon 30 Shoulder Bag M95753

Flowers on the Louis Vuitton's iconic Monogram canvas! This is so lovely! <3


It looks fluttering petals of cherry blossoms.

The condition is in excellent. What about bringing this bag to the Hanami? Or going to a picnic in Spring? We ship items via EMS, so you can acquire the item as soon as possible!

Cherry blossoms only bloom for a short time, usually for only a week or two. So it reminds people that life is short and beautiful. 

Although the cherry blossoms only bloom for a short time, you can use the bag for a long time! 

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Get a chance to come to Japan to go Hanami!