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★ 2019 Happy New Year ★

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★ 2019 Happy New Year ★

Happy new year!

We hope you, your new year your new year's holiday! And we wish you a new year that shines with new, and happy! 

We are going to try to try to this shop on this shop on 2019! So, please, enjoy, at our store!

Today's item is Louis Vuitton's iconic Monogram 2 way bag!

Because it is 2 way bag, it comes with a-go, which is pink! It is a "this bag," this bag, elegant, and feminine < 33 

Monogram canvas Goes with any style:) 

Inside of this bag is also pink! Very lovelyyy < 3


It's S rank, item and bitcondition x) 

We Corporation it for new year and spring ★

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All the best in 2019!

Thank you so much! Have a nice day.